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Please fill out the form provided below and press the submit button at the bottom of the form. The information will be reviewed, and you can expect to be contacted about posting it within a week. Make sure you supply your e-mail address or phone number as a contact point. If you only have partial information, feel free to leave any of the form inputs blank. Thanks!

Creek Information Form

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NOTE: Try to rate the run relative to others on the River List.
Use compound ratings and/or + or - if needed (i.e. III-IV or II+).

TDCR Rating:
For explanation of TDCR rating see the information on river listings.

Location: (Provide as much put-in and take-out info as possible.)

Topo Quad(s):
List all applicable USGS maps (if you aren't sure, leave blank)

Enter average gradient in ft. per mile. If unsure, leave blank.

Enter the total run length in miles. If unsure, leave blank.

Enter the season that the creek is runnable.

Gauge: (Provide as much gauging info as possible.)

Hazards: List any major hazards that may be encountered on the run (i.e. waterfalls, difficult rapids, undercuts, strainers, trees, etc.)

Description: Give a short description of the run. Include rapid names and ratings, date of first descent, hints on running rapids, etc.

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