Ozark River Gauge Information

On Line Gauges

Arkansas USGS Stream Stages

Buffalo River Gauges On-Line

River               Low    High
Kings R.            ???     ???  (too far downstream to matter)
Buffalo R. (Ponca)  2.0     6.0  (6.0+ is good for the Hailstone)
Cossatot R.         3.3     5.5
Lee Cr.             5.0     9.0
Frog B.             3.5     6.0
Mulberry R.         1.8     5.0
Big Piney Cr.       2.3     5.0
Illinois B.         6.0     8.5
Richland Cr.        3.0     6.0   (optimal from 4.0 - 5.0)

Tulsa Corps Levels
This page has various river stage and rainfall gauges from streams in OK, TX, AR, and MO.

Missouri USGS Gauges

St. Francis Real Time Gauge Chart

Phone Gauges

Waterline - 24 Hour Phone Gauges

Dial: 1-800-452-1737 and then enter a site code from this table

The Corps Phone Gauge


	After a 1.5 minute Arkansas River report, this number gives you levels
for the following Ozark runs:
	River				Approx. range of levels
	Buffalo R.			(four locations) 
	Big Piney Cr.			(2.3 - 6.0)
	Mulberry R.			(1.8 - 5.0)
	Frog Bayou			(3.5 - 6.0)
	Middle Fork of Little Red	(8.5 - 11.0)
	Lee Cr.				(5.0 - 9.0)
	Illinois R.			(3.0 - ?)
	Illinois Bayou			(6.0 - 8.5)
	Kings R.			(???)
	War Eagle Cr.			(???)
	Cossatot R. (inflow)		(350 - 2500 cfs)
Be aware that some of the gauges (most notably Lee Cr.) may be located a 
long distance away from the section you want to paddle.  This report is 
updated every weekday at around 11:00 AM.

Cossatot R. 24 Hour Gauge


	The USGS has a 24 hr phone gauge for the Tot.  The level you want
is between 3.3 and 5.5 or so.  Wish the USGS would do this for all of the

Buffalo Outdoor Center


	This toll free number can get you information on the Buffalo R. 
levels at Ponca.  They usually give the reading in inches of airspace 
under the low-water bridge at Ponca.  This reading should be between 25 
and 0 for a good run on the Buffalo below Ponca.  It also corresponds 
reasonably well to many other runs in the area (see the Rivers List).

Moore Outdoors


	Kerry Moore and company can give you readings on the Big Piney 
Cr. that are more up to date than the Corps.  His scale generally runs 
from 2.5 to 6.0 ft and is very close to the Corps reading.  Kerry also 
rents canoes and rafts and provides shuttles for the Piney runs.

Turner's Bend Store


	Turner's Bend can give you the latest observations of the upper 
Mulberry R.  They use aproximately the same 2.0 to 5.0 ft scale as the 

Devil's Den State Park


	Since the Corps' Lee Cr. gauge is located several miles down from
the whitewater runs, the rangers at Devil's Den may be able to give you
a better idea of the creek's condition.  They will usually just indicate 
how much water is flowing over the dam (i.e. none, a little, a lot, or a 
ton).  There should be a lot of water over the dam for a good run on 

Howard Elliot Outfitters


	This is the only guy who can give you an idea of the level of the 
Cadron Cr. (a class II run north of Conway).  He rents canoes on the 
Cadron, too.

Kings River Outfitters


	Talk to Ernie to find out if the play wave at Trigger Gap is surfable or not.

Albert Pike Store


	The proprietor of the store at Alber Pike can give you an 
estimate of the level of the Little Missouri R.  He's fairly knowledgable 
about the river and will give you either a "go" or "no-go" depending on 
whether there's enough water or not.

Take a Hike Outfitters


	Sometimes Frank Barton and Co. have information on river levels, 
especially the Cossatot.  The call is free so it's worth a shot.

Pack Rat Outfitters


	The paddlers that work here usually know what's up around the
Northwest Arkansas area.

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