The Annual OWP Awards

An email from Bill "Fish" Herring in response to questions about who is the best paddler in the state.

I'd have trouble really nominating anyone for the "best" kayaker in the state.
Too broad.  Let's break it down a little more.  Make your nominations for
the following categories (bet you can think of some folks for these):

Highest Testosterone Level
Most Mooched Shuttles
Best Knowledge Of Rivers Never Actually Run  (Hey, I'm in the running for this one!)
Best Rodeo Boating Vocabulary  (e.g. - "get points", "swap ends", "McTwistwingovercartwheel")
Most River Trips
Most Ego Trips
Best Performance In A Swimming Role
Most Guidebooks/Topo Maps Owned (Dog Robertson is probably a lock for this one!)
Most Blurry Photographs
Longevity While Paddling A Sleek
Biggest Smart Ass

And the winner is........

- Fish