You Know You're a Kayaker If...

Compiled by: Bill Herring from the thread on

You find yourself humming Weather Channel tunes.

You look at the water slide at a theme park and try to figure out the best

You knew Old Town when it was still New Town.

Your only considerations when buying a car are ground clearance and the 
size of the rain gutters.

All career, personal, and financial decisions are judged by the criteria of 
"How will this increase my paddling time?"

You visit Niagara Falls and find yourself picking out lines. 

You have friends that you don't recognize without their helmet, pfd, and 
paddling jacket.

You can ID make and model on a car topped canoe or kayak at a quarter mile.

The phrases "wet, sticky hole" and "blowing a ferry" in casual 
conversation don't give you pause.

You have no trouble saying "Rotomolded Crosslink Polyethelyne" ten times