Tulsa Wave Information

How To Get There

31st Street and Riverside Dr., just south of downtown Tulsa.  Big car park on east side of Riverside Dr., walk across Riverside and put in at the boat ramp.  Paddle across to far river right (above rock jetty), spot the wave train and surf till you're dizzy.

Flows are created by releases from Keystone Dam above Tulsa.  The rock jetty forces most of the river to a channel with enough gradient to create big green (OK, they're nasty brown) waves, some with nice foam curlers on top.  It's big time, big water rodeo.

We local boaters are there after 5:00 p.m. during the week, 1:00 p.m. on weekends.

Come on down.  Contact me for further directions and lodging.

- Jeff Simmons (jsimmons@plit.com)


For all you Fayetteville and Ft Smith fun hogs it looks like 12 K is ok if you really wanna boat.

15 to 18 k is time to gas and go

20 is OK

35 is not worth the drive unless you want to squirt

Don't know about the mid 20's yet,  probably ok but marginal.

This river bed is changing with every big rain it seems and it is hard to predict the action.

- Dave Reid