The OWP Needs Your Help!

The OWP is a free paddling information resource, maybe the best one around for Ozark paddling. But since we, the OWP staff, are not getting paid to keep the page updated, we have to hold down other jobs to support our paddling habits. Between work and getting on the rivers every chance we get, we don't have much time to make sure the OWP stays up-to-date and exciting.

So instead of hitting you up for money, which we well know is not a prominent attribute of most paddlers, we want to ask you for information. Basically we need anything that pertains to Ozark whitewater paddling. The OWP is your paddling resource, and you can take an active part in it's future development. Plus, any information that you submit will be credited to you. A cheap way to get your 15 bytes of fame. The following are areas where your input is needed:

- The Rivers List: any info. you have on new runs or runs not in the list,
	or additional info. or corrections on runs already in the list.
	There's even a handy form that you can fill out to add a creek to
	the list.
- The Photo Gallery: you can send photos uuencoded by e-mail, you can put
	them on a web page for us to retrieve, we can FTP them, or you
	can send them through U.S. mail and we'll scan them and mail them
	back.  E-mail the address below to get a snail-mail address.
- Trip Reports and Tales: trip reports, first descent reports, essays,
	gear reviews, river reviews, etc., etc.
- Latest Bulletins: any new river hazards to report? paddling clinics?
	meetings? etc?
- Anything Else: New gauge information, new Web pages to link to,

How to Contact the OWP Staff:

All submisions should be made electronically if at all possible. Our e-mail address is:
If you are want to tell us about a new creek that we don't have listed use this handy form.
If you must send a hard copy, e-mail the above address to obtain a snail mail address.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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