The Ozark Whitewater Trip Planner

Current River Data:

- The OWP Gauge Page: Find out what's up!
- Real-Time Buffalo R. River Gauges (updated every 5 minutes!)
- Ozark Stream Gauges
- Stream Level Interpretation Chart

Current Radar:

- NWS Doppler Radar (6 min. updates!): Base Refectivity (Animation)
- Latest Regional Radar Animation
- Intellicast 6-Hour Regional Radar Animation
- Intellicast 1-Hour Local Radar Animation with Overlays
- Latest Accuweather Regional Radar
- Accuweather 1-Hour Regional Radar Animation
- National Radar (and loop) - large download size!

Rainfall Estimates:

- NWS Doppler Storm Total Precipitation Estimate (6 min. updates!) (Animation)
- NWS Doppler Hourly Precipitation Estimate (6 min. updates!) (Animation)
- Real-Time Buffalo R. Rain Gauges (updated every 5 minutes!)
- NOAA Stage 3 Rainfall Estimates
- 24 Hour Intellicast Doppler Rainfall Estimates for the Ozarks

Rainfall Forecasts:

- NWS Tulsa Page (lots of good forecast and current info - look around)
- Rainfall Forecast For The Central US
- NOAA ABRFC QPF Rainfall Forecasts
- Intellicast Rainfall Forecast and Thunderstorm Forecast
- The Weather Channel on the Web
- Intellicast Latest Weather Observations for: Fayetteville, AR ; Fort Smith, AR ; Little Rock, AR

River and Creek Information:

- The Arkansas Rivers List
- Virtual Arkansas Topo Map With River Info!

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