Trip Reports and Tall Tales

Trip Reports

Memphis Boys Do Bobtail Creek
First Descent of Long Branch
Fern Gulley Diaries
First Descent of Adkins Cr. during The Big One
Blowin Down Whistlepost Cr. - A First Descent
The Lumberjacks Attack Little Mill Cr.
The Great Gaudalupe R. Flood of 1998
A Close Call on the Cossatot
First Descent of Johnson's Falls
How Rapids are Named (Boss Hollow trip report)
Sand Mounatin Creeks - Alabama Hair
Beech Cr. Follies
Shoal Cr. Trip Report
Smith Cr. First Descent
The Naming of Johnson's Squeeze
Spirits Cr. Description
Blown Off of the Hailstone! A true story.

River Notes

A Brief Note on Cossatot Gauge Levels
Notes on Richland Cr. USGS Gauge
Lee Cr. Gauge Interpretations
Frog Bayou Levels For Playboating
USGS Gauge Table for Little Missouri R.
Notes On The Tulsa Wave

Odds and Ends

Why Are Great Paddlers Dying? (Canoe and Kayak Magazine article from August 99)
Thrillseekers (Inflatable Kayaks) - Pros and Cons
The OWP Awards!
Fish Stories
Open Boater Theory
Top Ten signs that you're an Ozark boater
You might be a paddler if...
Kayaking Philosophy 101

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